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the best in medical equipment expo in Kerala

The healthcare sector in Kerala, India is considered to be one of the most advanced in the country. The state has a high density of healthcare facilities, including both government and private hospitals.

The expo is the first of a kind of event for the healthcare community of south India. Hospex helps organizations to stay up to date on the latest medical technology and equipment, network with industry professionals, and learn about new advancements and research in the field.

15, 16, 17

September - 2023

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To increase brand awareness in the healthcare market

Stay up to date with the latest medical technologies

Explore new products & solutions

Identify potential areas for growth and expansion

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  • First B2B healthcare expo in Kerala
  • Platform to showcase emerging medical technology and top of the line medical & healthcare equipment
  • Dedicated pavilions for start-ups, pharma, Labs – diagnostics and medical devices companies
  • To explore latest medical equipment and technologies from leading manufacturers and suppliers


10,000 guests are expected at the venue on the three days of the exhibition. The list of guests include surgeons, general physicians, hospital and clinic owners, hospital administrators, managers and purchase staff, state govt. purchase dept staff, distributors, and investors.
Visit Hospex to transform patient care with the latest medical devices at your hospital.

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Hospex Exhibition

Hospex invites organizations to showcase medical equipment and products, the latest medical equipment, and technology from around the world.
Hospex focuses on medical products, equipment, and technology, as well as pharmaceuticals. The event provides an opportunity for manufacturers, suppliers, and other industry professionals to showcase their products, network with potential customers and partners, and learn about the latest developments in the field.

Hospex Conferences

Hospex thrives to showcase medical products, equipment, and technology from a variety of manufacturers and suppliers.
Hospex hosts events such as conferences, webinars, expos and workshops that are focused on the medical industry.
These events provide attendees with the opportunity to learn about new products and technologies, network with other professionals in the field, and stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the industry

Hospex Awards

Hospex recognizes individuals and organizations that are driving innovation and excellence in the use of health information and technology, best innovations in digital health and technology that are improving the lives of patients and transforming healthcare.

Management & Leadership

Mr. Deepak.B

Managing Director

Dr. Mithun Raju.P

Anesthesiologist, Advisor,
Founder & Director - Hospex

Dr. Arun Krishna

Doctor, Advisor,
Founder & Director - Hospex

Dr. John Sebastian Nivin

Doctor, Singer & Music Composer, Advisor, Founder & Director - Hospex